Accessibility 101

Essential for some, useful for all!


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Today’s flow

  1. Why I’m here
  2. What is a Accessbility
  3. Who needs it
  4. What are assistive tools
  5. What can you do

About me

Headshot of Prae Songprasit facing left and smiling widely. She has short shoulder length black hair, and is wearing glasses with a white top. The image sits on a plain Aqua Spray background

Why am I here?

to learn, share, and recruit more a11y friends❣️

Screenshot of's Accessibility page

What is
web accessibility?

Inclusion and access to
information and services

The curb cut effect

A sketch of stick figres using wheel chair curb cuts in different ways, like someone with a stroller, bycicle, and wheeling a fork lift.

Who is web accessibility for?

❤️ Everyone

Types of disabilities

Micrsoft inclusive design personal spectrum, showing how different types of physical disabilities can be caused permanently, temporarily, and situationally.

🪄 Assistive tech

How to create
an accessible experience?

Start with content and HTML, not visuals

Linear experience

❤️ by keyboard only users,
screen readers,
people with different cognitive abilities

Multiple ways
to convey information

Text, video, audio, non-coloured visual treatments

Accessibility is a right

to equal access of your information and services

Creators have power

to enable and disable people


Essential for some, useful for all!