Entice 'em

Getting engineers
excited about accessibility

@PraeSongprasit and @WebAccessClub

Engineers are less engaged with accessibility

If true... Why is that?

Engineers as a user

traditional & non-traditional background

Responsible for...

Creating, testing, & maintaining software
in a usable, secure, privacy focused, responsive, scalable, testable, maintainable, performant, efficient, resilient, safe, accessible, and 100+ manner

Need to learn...


Priority, process, simple

Workflow management


  • Solve problems via code
  • Lack experience with UX practice
  • Continuous learners
  • Cognitive load & time poor
  • Want clear priority, process, simplify where possible

How do you talk about accessibility?

Compliance? 'extra' work?

How do you work with engineers?

Often, not closely enough

engineers in UX

Show, don't tell

Lead by example

Embed accessibility in your practice

excited about accessibility
excited about design

@PraeSongprasit and @WebAccessClub