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Tips for lending your very first dev role

Prae Songprasit 🍵 @PraeSongprasit


  • Creating a job posting
  • Reviewing CV
  • Interviewing
  • Choosing a candidate
  • Putting in an offer

...and anything in between

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It does not represent an organisation's stance or practice.

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Especially those involved in recruiting and management

Key to your success

Employer's need 🤝 Your need

Recruitment process

6 stages of recruitment process

  1. Preparing
  2. Sourcing
  3. Screening
  4. Selecting
  5. Hiring
  6. Onboarding

Phase 1: Preparing

  • Why hire an intern or junior talent?
  • Which team?
  • What does that team need?

✅ Job description/ad

Phase 2: Sourcing

  • ❤️ Summer of Tech platform
  • Trademe/Seek
  • On campus career fairs
  • Employee referral

✅ Where to find candidates

Phase 3: Screening

  • Reactive - Candidates apply
  • Proactive - Search on a platform
  • Both

Goal: 20-100 candidates per role

2,000 SoT profiles

1 week to screen ≈ 57 candidates / hour 😱

Screening tools

  • SoT filters
    (student status, dev, and etc.)
  • SoT completed profiles
  • CV/resume
  • Portfolio or Git repos

✅ Narrowed down to 20-100 candidates

Phase 4: Selecting

  • Most resource heavy - Require many people's time
  • Most intense period - Short, and very busy
    • Shortlist candidates (fine tooth comb)
    • Technical assessment (sometimes)
    • Interviews

A day in life of a senior dev

Screen shot of a senior developer's busy weekly calendar

Shortlist for assessment/interview

  • SoT profile (effort and attitude)
  • CV/Resume (personal statement and links to works)
  • Easy to inspect portfolio (site, GitHub, clip)
  • All demonstrate
    • Genuine interest in this type of role
    • Useful/transferable skillset
    • (Bonus) Personal touch

✅ Shortlisted 6-10 candidates

Technical assessment

Doesn't always happen

Usually when the recruitment is higher stake or is competitive

  • Online (HackerRank, CodeSubmit, and etc.)
  • Take-home assessment
  • White boarding (during interview)


  • SoT speed interview
  • Full interview
  • Grad day/Open day

Deciding who to offer

  • Not a time waster
  • Semi-autonomous learner
  • Empathetic communicator
  • Collaborator
  • Enrich team's culture (not 'fit' into team)
  • Team can offer valuable skill
  • Likely to have a good time

✅ Ranked 3-6 candidates to give an offer

Phase 5: Hiring

Most preferred/top ranked candidate gets offer via SoT

If offer refused or not accepted in 24hrs,
next one in the ranking gets it

If ono one accepts, start all over

Closing thoughts

Help me hire you... Pretty please 🙏