Dear Testers

A love letter
from your humble UI Front End Developer

Prae Songprasit | @praesongprasit


Create empathy and show appreciation

Sorry for

  • rolling my eyes at you
  • being a bit curt
  • taking you for granted
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Visual testers

Thanks for

  • spotting small style changes
  • showing me the empty spaces
  • slaving through manual visual regression
  • telling me something looks incomplete

UX Testers

Thanks for

  • asking me dumb but neccessary questions
  • showing me our error pages
  • using our product like a normal user

PM testers

Thanks for

  • reminding me to use analytics
  • knowing the business logic better than I do
  • managing the * out of my workflow
  • logging beautifully descriptive tickets

Technical Testers

Thanks for

  • knowing how to GitHub
  • continuously improving automated test
  • replicating gloriously technical issues

Platform specialist testers

Thanks for

  • sharing wealth of knowledge
  • creating test content in our 20 environments

Thanks for

  • Infinite patience
  • Flexibility
  • Attention to detail
  • Unofficial documentation
  • Helping me grow

Help us, help you

  • Tell us what you need
  • Tell us your test process
  • No questions are dumb. Just irrelevant

We're a team

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Again, thanks!


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