Screen reader

Lets get to know and play with one!


Today's flow

  1. Why I'm here
  2. What is a screen reader
  3. Who uses it
  4. How to use OSX VoiceOver
  5. Takeaways

About me

Headshot of Prae smiling widely at the camera. She's wearing a big pair of glasses and a mint green shirt. Her short black hair is fluttering in the wind, and there's a golden plain behind her

Why am I here?

to learn, share, and recruit more a11y friends❣️

What's a screen reader?

Assistive software that
reads digital content and interfaces

Who use screen readers?

  • Blind users
  • Neurodiverse users
  • AI assistant users

Screen reader 101 time!

Introducing OSX/Mac's VoiceOver

Takeaway 1

Content first design and
keyboard only navigation is 🗝

Takeaway 2

Learning to use screen reader
does not replace testing with real users

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